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Laboratories Engaged in MNT Activity
AMRI (Advanced Materials Research Institute) : A multidisciplinary research institute that provides a unique opportunity to develop novel research ideas
BHR Group : A fluid engineering centre providing expertise in the fields of process technology, fluid systems / services for water, environment, power industries
Bristol Centre for Functional Nanomaterials : Provides an innovative 4-year integrated and fully-funded PhD programme
Centre for Microsystems & Photonics - University of Strathclyde : Expertise in optoelectronic and photonic sensors and systems, active and passive photonic devices, MEMS, microsystems and free-space microphotonics
DSTL (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory)  : Leads the science and technology (S&T) sector’s response to the Ministry of Defence’s current and future needs
Durham Microsystems Technology : Microsystems Technology laboratory facilities
Element : Providing R&D, laboratory testing and consultancy services on polymer materials for engineering systems and structures (formerly MERL)
HPA (Health Protection Agency) : Provides an integrated approach to protecting UK public health
Institue of Photonics - University of Strathclyde : bridging the gap between academic research and industrial applications and development in the area of photonics
Microelectronics Systems Group - University of Glasgow : Development of sophisticated electronic and sensor/actuator hybrid systems
Nano Investigation Centre at Liverpool (NiCaL) : Helping SMEs improve productivity & competitiveness by linking them to technology & expertise at nano scale to improve their products & processes
NPL (National Physical Laboratory) : A world-leading centre of excellence in developing and applying the most accurate measurement standards, science and technology
STFC : Hosts a number of resources and services that have a strategic importance for the research community
The Unilever Centre for Molecular Science Informatics : Integrating chemical, biological and materials sciences through molecular informatics
TWI : A global leader in technology engineering providing research and consultancy to its members
University of Bath Nanoscience Group : Range of manufacturing & testing equipment - interest in the physics associated with the quantum mechanical behaviour of electrons in nanomaterials
Laboratories Engaged in MNT Activity

Advanced Hall Sensors : Specifically tailoring adaptable magnetic sensors concept of "Band Gap Engineering"
AFE Technology Coatings (AFETC) : Developer and manufacturer of thin film based optical filters and coatings for use in a variety of precision optical applications
Alphasense : Gas Sensors
AML : Wafer bonding machines and services
Applied Multilayers : Manufactures drum-based optical manufacturing equipment using closed filed reactive sputtering technology. Acquired by System Control Technologies
Applied Nanodetectors : Develops IP and technologies for nanosensors
Archer Technicoat : Specialist in chemical vapour deposition
Arden Photonics : Specialise in instrumentation and components for the measurement of a wide range of properties of optical fibers, lasers, LEDs, and optical components
BAE Systems Advanced Technology Centre : Offers a comprehensive capability in MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) to both industry and academia
Brightwater Technologies : Design, develop, and manufacture tyre pressure monitoring systems
Cambridge Display Technology : Develops technologies based on polymer light emitting diodes (PLEDs)
Cambridge Nanoscience Centre : Nanofabrication and characterisation
Cascade Technologies : Produces mid-infrared spectroscopy techniques for trace vapour detection
Dispersia : Advanced thermal transfer fluids based on proprietary nano-particle technologies
Epigem : Microfluidics
Exxelis : Optical materials and illumination systems
Fluence : Microfluidics
Harman Technology : Thin films
INEX : Contract development, manufacturing and commercialisation of specialist electronic devices, microsystems and nanotechnology.
Intense : Diode Lasers
James Watt Nanofabrication Centre : Micro and nano fabrication and characterisation
KBIC Microsystems Technology : Providing neutral advice on the best means to develop and manufacture MST/MEMS products
LML : Laser micromachining
Macdermid Autotype : Application of coating technology
Mantis Depostion : Thin-film coating
Meta-FAB : Micro and nano fabrication
Micro Systems : Design, manufacture and validation of ultra precision injection moulds for the medical, pharmaceutical and optical markets
Microbridge : Laser micromachining, EDM micromachining, FIB nanomachining, micromilling, micro engineering and micromoulding sub-contract services
Oxford Lasers : Laser micro-maching systems and laser imaging
Photonic Materials : Photonics
Plasma Quest : Thin film deposition sputtering research, and systems development
Polymertronics : Developing new organic light emissive layers
Q Chip Life Sciences : Microsphere based molecular reagents
Qioptiq : Optics
Qudos Technology : Comprehensive micro and nano fabrication prototyping facility
SCIMPS : Bringing true micro-electronic integration and control to instrumentation based upon advanced photonics technology
Seagate : Disc drives, data storage
Semefab : Multi-technology fabrication foundry and fab2 MEMS foundry
Smalltech Solutions : Provide specialist nanotechnology engineering services in micro and nanoscale fabrication
Southampton Nano Portal : Micro and nano fabrication facilities
Southampton Nanofabrication Centre : State-of-the-art facility for nanofabrication and characterisation
Surface Innovations : Functional Nanocoatings using ‘Atomised Spray Plasma Deposition’ (ASPD) technology
TDL Sensors : Tunable diode laser gas sensors
Tecan : Photolithography-based manufacture of precision components
Teer Coatings : Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) coatings
Thruvision : Terahertz Imaging
Wolfson Microelectronics : Manufacture DACs, ADCs, CODECs, Imaging ADCs, S/PDIF Transceivers, Sonaptic Sound, Power Management

Assured Nano : Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) accreditation scheme for organisations producing nanomaterials, nano-enabled products & users of nanotechnology
BBI International : Reagent supply, assay development and contract manufacture
Exilica : Micro spheres and hollow silica shells, for unique molecular delivery systems
Hosokawa Micron : Nanomaterials synthesis, and composite dispersion
Imerys : Supplier of industrial minerals including clay nano-particles
Intrinsiq Materials : A plasma-based process for synthesis of broad range of inorganic nanomaterials, and a medically biodegradable delivery system for actives
Johnson Matthey : Catalysts, precious metals, fine chemicals and process technology, nanomaterial synthesis
Materials Solutions : An applications centre for Advanced Materials, focused on rapid prototyping, net shape manufacturing and engineered thin films and structures
NanoCentral : A hub and spoke organisation providing a wide range of nano-materials and characterisation
Nanoco Technologies : Quantum Dots
Nanoforce Technology : Wide range of micro and nano activites in polmers and ceramics
Neo Materials  : (incorporating AMR) Develops, markets and manufactures rare earth and zirconium based engineering materials
Nottingham Carbon Nanomaterials Group : Research across aspects of carbon nanomaterials
Oxonica : Manufacturers of nanoparticles
PQ Europe : (incorporating INEOS) Products include liquid and solid silicates, gel and precipitated silicas, and a range of zeolites
Promethean Particles : Manufacturers of inorganic nanoparticles
Rosseter Holdings : Producer of Unique Carbon Nanotubes
Safenano : Safety of nanoparticles
Thomas Swan : Carbon nanotubes

3M ESPE : Manufactures a Light Curing Nano-Ionomer Restorative for dental fillings
Alere (incorporating Cambridge Medical Innovations & Inverness Medical & Stirling Medical Innovations & Unipath)  : Developing a series of diagnostic devices that will help in the diagnosis of diseases and enable more efficient monitoring of human health
ATDBio : Provides labelled and chemically modified oligonucleotide scaffolds for nanotechnology applications
BBInternational : Manufactures gold colloid particles for use in immuno conjugates
Bio Nano Consulting : Using Nanotechnology tools to address biotechnology problems - new medical devices, implants, instruments and drugs (formerly the Bio Nano Centre)
Cell Novo : (incorporating Starbridge Systems) Innovative drug infusion products for intensive and chronic care
Centre for Drug Delivery Research : Development of delivery systems of therapeutics, vaccines and diagnostics aimed at a variety of biomedical applications
Crown Biotechnology : Rapid testing technology
Dolomite : Microfluidic applications
Eminate : Drug delivery and food technology
Gyrus ACMI : Medical visualisation and energy systems
Innovaro  : Pharma licensing
Intertek UK : Testing and laboratory services
Kings College London : Nanomedicine
Kirkstall : Develops "in vivo-like" culture systems providing conditions for cell growth
Lab901 : Rapid analysis
Oxford Martin Programme on Nanotechnology : Work at interface of biology, physics, chemistry, engineering to create tools to facilitate novel strategies for new treatments using nanotechnology
Oxford Nanopore Technologies : Developing the GridION system, a new generation of technology that uses nanopores for the direct, electronic analysis of single molecules
Qnostics : Analysis and control of human infectious diseases by providing high quality evaluation materials to aid in the advancement of nucleic acid technologie
Randox : R&D, manufacture and marketing of high quality diagnostic reagents and equipment for laboratory medicine using micro and nano technology
Strathophase : Chemical and Biological Sensors
Toumaz : Body Monitoring for Healthcare
Tripos : Drug Discovery
Vectura : Inhaled pharmaceuticals
Vivamer : Drug delivery and imaging; novel drugs based on a unique responsive biopolymer chemistry platform
XstalBio : Formulation and stabilisation of therapeutic proteins, peptides, DNA and vaccines

Aber Instruments : Live cell concentration measurment and control
Agar Scientific : The company supplies accessories and consumables in support of all forms of microscopy for nanoparticles
Ametec (incorporating Taylor Hobson) : Manufacturers of surface finish, roundness and form measuring equipment
Andor Technology  : Develops and manufactures instruments for the global spectroscopy and scientific imaging markets
Aquila Instruments : Manufacturer of precision optical instrumentation, specialising in Spectrophotometry systems for the non-contact measurement of thin film coatings
Armstrong Optical : Offer a wide range of optical metrology and imaging products and systems to a very diverse array of industries and broader application requirements
Asylum Research : Technology leader for scanning probe and atomic force microscopes (SPM/AFM) for both materials and bioscience applications
BegbrokeNano : Materials characterisation
CEMMNT : Measurement, characterisation, analytical and systems engineering services
Centre for Molecular Nanometrology : Measurement of events on a nanoscale using novel physical techniques and chemical manipulations
Farfield Group : Analytical instruments for the molecular scale : Innovative instrumentation for the life science and pharmeceutical industry
Infinitesima : Video rate imaging with nanometre resolution
Intertek : Provide a range of services to the Nanotechnology field
Izon : Comprehensive nano-particle analysis in a single instrument
Jordan Valley : Non-destructive X-ray metrology systems for 90nm technology nodes and below
Lab-Tools : Nano- to Micro- Science & Metrology
Leica Microsystems (UK) : Microscopy
Loughborough Surface Analysis : Provider of contract surface analysis services to industry and universities
Metrology Direct : Provide a comprehensive rang of measurement and inspection systems
Nanosight : Manufactures and supplies a unique family of instruments for the visualisation and sizing of nanoparticles
Oxford Instruments : Design, manufacture and support of equipment for nano-measurement
Renishaw : Manufacturers of precision measuring equipment
Scalar Technologies : Thin Film Measurement
Stable Microsystems : Texture Analysis
Stratton Technologies : High quality instruments enabling biophotonics and nanotechnology
Surface Metrology Group : Surface measurement and nano-metrology, surface instruments and surface characterisation

Regional MNT Facilities
Centre for Microfluidics Daresbury : Northwest England
Centre for Polymer Micro and Nano Moulding : Yorkshire
CIP (acquired by Hauwei)  : East of England
ISLI : Scotland
Joel Nanocentre : Yorkshire
London Centre for Nanotechnology : London
Multidisciplinary Nanotechnology Centre : Wales
Nanofactory : Yorkshire
NanoManufacturing Institute (NMI) : Yorkshire
Nanotechnology and Integrated BioEngineering Centre (NIBEC) : Northern Ireland
NEC : South East England
Plastic Electronics Technology Centre (PETeC) : North East England
Polymer Centre : Yorkshire
Technium OpTIC : Wales
Regional MNT Facilities