We have seen the demise of the middle manager in large companies and small companies are in survival mode. The result is :

  • Limited or no people to draw in new technology.
  • Limited or no people to accept new technology.

Emente has developed a toolbox of capabilities to help companies bridge the gap.

  • Emente works with industry to facilitate the exploitation of MNT.
  • Emente works with MNT companies to help manufacturing industry to receive MNT technology.

Emente uses of a process called Strategic Technology Sharing (STS).

Strategic Technology Sharing (STS)

STS has been designed by Emente to help companies cope with the explosive expansion of MNT, to meet the needs of business. Strategic Technology Sharing (STS) is a suite of tools specifically designed to manage the rapid growth of Microsystems Technology and Nanotechnology (MNT).

STS works with the creativity of a company's workforce; the knowledge of their products and processes; knowledge of the needs and demands of their customers; and instils a strong discipline.

What sort of things are covered by STS?

  • All projects involving the launch of a new product, manufacturing process, or business process.
  • All existing products, manufacturing processes, and business processes.
  • The re-launch of existing products.